Meet the Artists

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Hailing from Hungary, Imre embarked on a creative journey that led him to the inspiring landscapes and untamed wilderness of Australia, where he discovered a new world.
Imre's passion for painting, combined with his deep appreciation for nature, mythology and his past experiences with Hungarian culture, culminate in a divers works of art. "Welcome to my sanctuary, where imagination takes flight. I am Imre Badonski, a painter who finds solace and inspiration in the vastness of the Australian bush. Born in Hungary, I have embarked on a lifelong artistic journey that has led me here. Take a step into my world. Allow the colours and textures to envelop your senses, and let the stories within these walls awaken something deep within you. As I continue to create and evolve, it is my wish that my art inspires you to appreciate the profound beauty that resides in both the Australian bush and the art that flows from my past experiences on my long journey from Hungary."

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